Terms & Conditions


Club Viva Las Vegas is operated by Ferruggio Nevada Business Services LLC dba Club Viva Las Vegas, a tour operator fully licensed within Clark County, Nevada and bonded with the State of Nevada Consumer Affairs Division.


It is essential that you provide us with a current contact cell number whilst you are in Las Vegas. If you do not receive a phone call or email from Ferruggio Nevada Business Services LLC dba Club Viva Las Vegas confirming your reservation it is your responsibility to contact us at 702-356-3000 and/or info@clubvivalv.com at least 48 hours prior to commencement of your event. We cannot accept responsibility for incorrect email addresses or incorrect phone numbers you may have provided with your booking. Should you have any problems when you arrive at a club or the agreed meeting point, you must call the number of your VIP Host that was provided to you. It is your responsibility to take this number with you and use it if necessary in order to allow us to remedy any problem you may encounter since our sales office is not open after hours and we are not able to make refunds at that stage.


Gratuities are NOT included for your VIP Host. Gratuities ARE included for your drivers (where applicable). A deposit relating to 25% of the total event price is required to secure your booking. The balance due is payable 3 weeks before the event date. Bookings received within 3 weeks of commencement must be accompanied by full payment. Should you elect to use our flexible payment plan that allows you to pay cash on the night of, you grant us full authorization to charge the credit card that you have provided as security with the full payment amount due if for any reason you are not able to pay in cash the day/night of your event, do not arrive at the agreed time or decide to cancel your event. Your booking confirmation is a receipt of your booking transaction and has no cash value. Your confirmation is not a ticket and will not be accepted by club staff and/or club venue at the door for admission. Ferruggio Nevada Business Services LLC dba Club Viva Las Vegas is not responsible for typographical or other errors that result in the display of incorrect pricing. In a situation where a purchase is made based on an incorrect price, we reserve the right not to fulfill the order. In such situations, you will be notified and given the option of completing the purchase at the correct price (subject to availability) or be given the option of a full refund.


If, due to circumstances beyond our control, it proves necessary for us to cancel your event, a full and immediate refund will be issued or where possible an alternative date offered. If you decide to cancel your event then written confirmation must be sent by the person who made the original booking. I understand that your Money Back Guarantee requires you to pre-book services no less then 3 weeks in advance of the event date, and that I will receive a 100% refund if the event is canceled at least 3 weeks prior to the event date. Cancellations received 3 weeks or less from the event date will result in the loss of 25% of the total event price that is required to secure your booking. Cancellations received 48 hours or less before the commencement of the event date will result in the loss of the full event price. There are no refunds if you and/or we abandon / curtail the event after commencement regardless of circumstance. A no-show or failure to arrive at the designated meeting place on time will be deemed a cancellation.



To gain entrance into Las Vegas nightclubs & transportation vehicles you must be at least 21 years of age with valid photo identification. Dress code for Las Vegas nightclubs is dress to impress. That means no tennis shoes, sandals, shorts, faded or baggy jeans, sportswear, baseball caps or inappropriate attire. If you are in doubt about any these restrictions please contact us prior to booking your event. Ferruggio Nevada Business Services LLC dba Club Viva Las Vegas cannot be held responsible for guests failing to gain entrance to nightclubs and/or transportation vehicles due to failure to meet these restrictions, guest's behavior, level of sobriety or any other reason as determined by the club management / transportation vehicle operator. There are no refunds in these circumstances.


For all bookings that include ladies / gentlemen's clubs as part of your package, transportation must be provided by us. Where transportation is provided as part of your event package and you exceed the scheduled allotment of hours on your charter, your credit card will be charged for the additional time. Transportation is provided by independent companies who may apply supplemental charges for damages caused by negligence of your group including a vomiting cleaning charge of up to $500. No responsibility can be accepted by Ferruggio Nevada Business Services LLC dba Club Viva Las Vegas and/or the appointed transportation providers for articles left in the vehicles.


Ferruggio Nevada Business Services LLC dba Club Viva Las Vegas cannot take responsibility if you do not use your purchase; there are no refunds for failure to arrive at the agreed meeting point or your chosen club at the agreed time or if you decide to abandon the event regardless of circumstance. Any person, group, company, agent or other entity who is injured either prior, during or after utilizing the services of Ferruggio Nevada Business Services LLC dba Club Viva Las Vegas and the appointed transportation providers shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Ferruggio Nevada Business Services LLC dba Club Viva Las Vegas and it's members, managers, agents, employees, officers and owners against all losses, damages, expenses and liabilities resulting from any injury to the personal property or injury to or death of any person.


All products, packages and services are offered subject to availability and are subject to blackout dates. Unless otherwise specified, products, packages and services are not available on New Year's Eve and certain other public holidays. Packages that include bottle service may incur supplemental charges or increased minimums during busy periods. Please contact us prior to booking should you have any questions in this area. In the rare case where a club is at maximum capacity and/or the club management do not permit admission then, where possible, a substitute club may be offered. Ferruggio Nevada Business Services LLC dba Club Viva Las Vegas reserve the right to alter the advertised itinerary or curtail the event where these or any other circumstances deem this desirable or necessary. There are no refunds in such circumstances.


Terms and conditions of entry vary according to venue. Each venue has the right to modify policies and procedures including changes due to special events or holidays. For all events it is essential that you meet your VIP Host at the specified time. Failure to do so may mean waiting in line or forfeiting your right to entry altogether. Clubs / venues / vehicles will not violate fire codes to accommodate your party. All Las Vegas nightclubs require that table and booth reservations be checked in by certain times that differ from venue to venue. This time will be notified to you by your event manager prior to your event where applicable. Please note that if you are not checked in with the VIP host in time, your table may be sold to someone else and you forfeit your rights to the services booked. You understand and acknowledge that Ferruggio Nevada Business Services LLC dba Club Viva Las Vegas and/or the transportation vehicle operator / venue management company and/or venue employees may refuse you entry to, or remove you from the event / vehicle / venue if you do not fully adhere to the terms and conditions detailed herein, or adversely affect the enjoyment and/or safety of other guests, or breach any rules, regulations or requests by said parties. There are no refunds in such circumstances. Should you have a problem or complaint on the night of your event please bring it to the attention of the event manager so that they have an opportunity to put matters right. Management at individual clubs reserves all rights.


Your contract with us is made under the terms and conditions detailed in this document and is subject to Nevada Law and jurisdiction. It is agreed between all parties to this agreement that no disputes can exceed the amount originally paid to Ferruggio Nevada Business Services LLC dba Club Viva Las Vegas. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter and supersedes and expressly terminates any and all prior agreements and understandings, whether written or oral. No term of this agreement may be waived, modified or amended without a writing executed by both parties. If any term of this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of this agreement will continue in effect.


Purchase of services or products through this website are governed by Ferruggio Nevada Business Services LLC dba Club Viva Las Vegas Terms & Conditions. Please read them carefully before making a purchase. When you click on the "SUBMIT" or similar button on a product or service screen, you agree to purchase the products and services indicated, in accordance with the terms and conditions included on the relevant screens, and in accordance with this agreement.


After you place an order by means of this website, you should receive an email acknowledgement within one business day to confirm that Club Viva Las Vegas has received your order and is processing it. The email will contain the specific details of your order, and the itemized total amounts that will be billed to your credit card, including all applicable taxes and other charges. Please review this receipt carefully to confirm that we properly understood your order.