Las Vegas Club Scene


#1Thou shall not stand in line. Ever.

#2 Thou shall not waste your precious leisure time and squander your money
by coming to Las Vegas unprepared and unconnected.

#3 Thou shall not assume that waiting in line guarantees entrance to the club.
You can easily wait for hours and still not get in.

#4 Thou shall not pay hard cash for "line passes" then watch in anger
as the Club Viva guests walk in ahead of you.

#5 Thou shall not assume that because you are a big shot at home that means anything in Las Vegas. To door staff you are just another tourist. Harsh but true.

#6 Thou shall not suffer the intolerable wait for taxis in Las Vegas.
Your Club Viva transportation should be summoned immediately at a click of the fingers.

#7 Thou shall not arrive at a club as a large party and hope to talk your way in.
The doormen have heard it all before.
Let your Club Viva Host smooth it whilst you stand back and look cool.


#8 Thou shall never be conned with non-exclusive limousine service. It doesn''t work. Period.

#9 Thou shall not assume that Vegas nightlife rules are fair.
It''s a game so make sure you hook up with a company that knows how to play it.

#10 Thou shall tip your Club Viva Host to the maximum, for it is she that will deliver the promised land!

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