Bottle Service - What it is and When to Order it

What is bottle service?

Quite simply an arrangement whereby instead of lining up at a crowded bar fighting to order your drinks, the nightclub provides you with your own private table, booth, skybox or VIP Room and you purchase complete bottles of your choice of alcohol accompanied with mixers, condiments and ice which are served table-side by a personal waitress.

What does it cost?

As with everything else this varies widely from club to club and to a degree from night to night. Essentially though there are 3 factors to be considered to arrive at the overall price:

1) Bottle prices. Bottle prices start from around $350 per 750ml bottle at most Las Vegas nightclubs ($475 at top clubs such as Pure or LAX) for regular Vodka such as Sky or Absolut and rise from there for premium brands, vintage champagne and specialty drinks. Mixers are included but expect to pay extra for Red Bull. Don't forget that sales tax and often an automatic service gratuity of around 18% will also be added to your total.

2) Guest/Bottle Ratio. Most of the top clubs will require you to purchase 1 bottle for every 3 guests in your group although some clubs still do 1 bottle for every 4 people. Many clubs will also have a 2 bottle minimum for the table regardless of the group size (sometimes more on holiday weekends and special events).

3) Table Fee. This is where it can get a bit grey as sometimes this is a fee paid directly to the club but more often it represents the tip-out to the club's VIP Host to "make it happen". Depending on the club, the host, the group size, the table required, the night in question and your clout with the club this can vary from $100 to thousands of dollars to get into areas frequented by celebrities.

If you are thinking that can add up to a significant chunk of change then you are right. But if you consider that you are really paying for rental of your own exclusive piece of real estate for the night, access to an area of the club that is not jam-packed and an elevated level of status and service then it can often be worth the extra money. A professional VIP Hosting company will negotiate hard on your behalf to get the best rates on all of the above and since they do business with the clubs every week will get you the very best available deal. Club Viva not only offers this but will guarantee your reservation to ensure you do not get "bumped" when you arrive at the club, get you the best available table and ensure that there is no wait upon arrival.

When Should I Book Bottle Service?

Each individual will have their own idea of what they want to get out of their night and what they want to spend. Generally speaking, if money is no object or you are celebrating a special occasion AND plan to spend the bulk of your night in one club then go for it. However, bear in mind that the financial commitment you make when booking a table commits you to spend a lot of time in that club (walking away and leaving $1000 worth of alcohol on the table is never a good thing!) so if your game plan is to hop around a number of clubs to keep the scene fresh (something we definitely recommend) then getting a table may not be the best way to go. At the very least perhaps schedule a lounge and maybe another club first then finish your night with a table at the main club of the night. Remember though most clubs will require you to arrive at around 11pm in order to honor your table reservation although Club Viva can often arrange for this to be later without risking getting "bumped".

Consider also how much your party is likely to drink over the course of the evening. You could have 3 tee-total pregnant nuns in your group and the club is still going to want them to order a bottle between them. Conversely, if you are going to smash back ten $12 cocktails a piece at the bar then bottle service may even work out at around the same money AND with all the extra benefits.

Your group size is the other consideration. If there are only 2 of you and the club has a 2 bottle minimum then things could get a) very expensive b) very boozy or most likely both very quickly. For smaller groups that require bottle service Club Viva can advise on quality clubs where we are able to secure tables with reduced bottle minimums that meet your available budget.

Do I Need to Order Bottle Service to get VIP Entry?

Absolutely not! And if any VIP Hosting company you speak to says otherwise then walk away. Quickly. They either do not have sufficient clout with the club in question or they are flat out trying to scam you. Club Viva can provide no-wait VIP entry ahead of all the lines to every nightclub in Las Vegas whether you reserve a table or not. Read our Guide to Selecting a VIP Hosting Company that is guaranteed to get the job done to be sure you are dealing with people who can "do the business" in this respect.


If you've got it, flaunt it but beware of paying over the odds and consider how your money is best spent in context of the overall game-plan for your night.