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The Myth of VIP Nightclub Entry in Las Vegas


If you haven't been clubbing in Vegas before you may well be thinking just how long can it take to get in a nightclub? Well let's start by understanding two things:

1) Las Vegas nightclubs are now so good and so popular that long lines are virtually inevitable at any place worth going to.

2) The whole business of lines at Vegas nightclubs is also a game. Believe it or not, nightclubs want lines outside their clubs. Why? Because it gives the impression that their venue is hugely popular and human nature being what it is, the harder something is to obtain, the more people want it. So even if a club is not full, some will still play "line games" as the people clamoring to get in are a hugely effective ad for the club. And let us not forget that when demand exceeds supply, prices go up...

To be clear, not all clubs do this and we don't knock those that do, this is a business after all. BUT to avoid being a pawn in the game we recommend you go VIP.

So, what exactly is VIP?

VIP means VIP right? Not in this town. In fact we would go as far to say that never has a term that implies such much meant so little if you find yourself in the wrong situation. Truth is there are various different levels of "VIP" when it comes to getting into Las Vegas nightclubs. Read on....


At the very bottom of the barrel are the "free" VIP passes. Peddled on eBay and handed out by everybody ranging from genuine promoters to taxi drivers and shady winos trying to hit you for a few bucks, they are about as useful as a chocolate coffee mug when it comes to getting you past the lines of any club worth going to. While they may get you some kind of break when/if you finally get to the club's cashier the key thing is to check the restrictions and the small print which can range from them not being valid on weekends or only at certain times (usually when the club is empty anyway) to the all encompassing "Management Reserves All Rights" which basically means they can choose to treat you with the contempt your cheapo coupon deserves. They may be worth trying on a wet Wednesday in November but if you are planning to use them for a big night out then we have one word of advice: Don't.


Nowadays, there are a lot of websites (some very big) that do a very good business selling a huge amount of these kind of tickets (you probably came across some of them before you discovered us). And therein lays the problem. Just how VIP are you when you have literally hundreds of other suckers that have all bought the same ticket and have all been told to arrive at the same time (usually around opening time) scrambling for the attention of the doormen who, frankly, have more profitable ways of spending their time? Consider also that these tickets give little regard to the door policies of the individual clubs. Unless you have proper VIP representation there is no way in hell a large group of dudes are getting into the top clubs here, yet the websites will happily sell you 20 male tickets - why do they do that? Unless you bought the tickets from a rogue website the club may still honor them though, so at least you won't have to pay cover again if you ever do get past the door and to the cashier. But if you have the idea that you'll show up at the club and get straight in without waiting you are going to be very disappointed. If in any doubt we suggest you take a look at the "VIP" line outside any of the top clubs, it's the one that's the same length as the general admission line. It would be funny if it wasn't for the fact that those people paid good money only to be left waiting.


Of course we may have some bias here, but the fact is that having your own VIP Host that works for you puts you at a huge advantage when it comes to obtaining the level of service you expect. It's entirely logical that having a local professional with excellent industry contacts who brings business to the nightclubs (and their respective hosts) week in, week out and who personally escorts you into the nightclub is going to get the job done more quickly and smoothly than someone that is regarded as a walk-up tourist. Do you need to use a VIP Host to get in? Absolutely not. You could attempt to go it alone and use the time-honored tradition of slipping a c-note or two to move things along and it can work but it is incredibly hit and miss for many reasons: Often there is such a crowd all trying to do the same thing or delivering their "don't you know who I am"? speech that you simply can't physically get to where you need to be. Even when you do there's no guarantee that the person you speak to even has the authority to make it happen, most of the key decision makers are too busy taking care of their own clients and doing their job to be fighting back the crowd and listening to your story. And often the front-line staff are actually expressly forbidden from doing this. Bottom line though is that it's just not cool. A quality VIP Host will have a procedure for bypassing all the lines (table customers included) pre-arranged with their contact at the club and will walk you past the whole sorry mess, into the club immediately and looking like a star. As with everything in life, all VIP Hosts are not created equal and prices can vary hugely for their services so read our Guide to Selecting a VIP Hosting Company that is guaranteed to get the job done.


With the explosion of the Vegas nightlife industry came the phenomena of bottle service. When you reserve a table at a club and commit to buy bottle service it also offers the benefit of using a separate line that is generally only for table customers and those on the guest-list. Whilst this is definitely an elevated level of VIP service it does not necessarily mean that you will be granted immediate entry upon arrival and it's not unusual to have to wait whilst other table clients ahead of you are processed. The most important distinction with bottle service though is that you get to have your own table/booth/skybox/VIP room within the club; for the uninitiated this is the ONLY way to sit down in virtually every Las Vegas nightclub! VIP Hosted Entry gets you in ahead of everybody else but if you want to sit down then buying bottles is the only way to go. Hey, we don't make the rules!

If you have a senior contact at the club you can attempt to book a table directly but again using a professional VIP Host is worth their weight in gold here. Not only will they ensure there is no waiting but also that you get the best available table, do not get palmed off with a table for 2 when your group size is 12 (it happens), do not get hit with exorbitant "table fees" or get hustled into buying more bottles than you need to. Most importantly though they will ensure that your reservation does not get "bumped", a depressingly all-to-common occurrence whereby you arrive at the club fired up and ready for the night of your life only to be told that the reservation has been lost (usually sold out to a higher bidder on the night or pulled by a local hosting company for their last-minute clients). Done right, bottle service can be a beautiful thing but depending on your game plan it's not always the best way to go - for more information we recommend you read our Guide to Bottle Service and When to Order it. 


Decide what level of service you want, what you are prepared to pay and shop around to find the best value. For maximum peace of mind use a professional VIP Hosting Company that guarantees their service and know exactly who you are dealing with by asking all the right questions.