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Selecting the Best VIP Hosting Company in Las Vegas

A small amount of time spent selecting the correct VIP Hosting company to handle your night out is going to pay HUGE dividends in terms of your overall experience, enjoyment and value for money. So, if nothing else, do take the time to get educated by reading this short guide.

The VIP Host is the person that is with you on the night out and put simply, handles every aspect of the evening allowing you to relax and get on with the business of having a great time. Naturally he/she will arrange no-wait VIP entry to the clubs but will also ensure that your transportation is there when you need it to be, that your correct choice of drinks are on board and basically screen you from all the hassle involved in organizing a group event.

A VIP Hosting company such as Club Viva will not only provide you with the best possible VIP Host but work with you prior to the event in order to recommend the most suitable venues/nightclubs, suggest a program & timings to meet your requirements, provide invaluable inside information, pre-book the transportation, handle payment etc so that the night itself goes off smoothly and hassle-free.

In Las Vegas, "VIP Hosts" range from the most fully connected professionals where everything is possible to happy amateurs, moonlighting bar-tenders through border-line pimps peddling burned-out strippers tasked with milking you for every dollar they can. Harsh, but unfortunately true.

The most important thing when selecting a VIP Hosting company is to know who you are dealing with. In today's day and age anyone can create a fancy website and promise the earth so these are the key things to know and questions to ask any company that you intend to entrust with your money and big night out:

1) Is your company bonded and licensed?
In other words what financial protection is provided if they do not deliver what was promised or, God forbid, disappear with your cash. Financial bonding is a legal requirement of any legitimate tour operator offering transportation and access to venues in Las Vegas.

Club Viva (as part of Wildside USA LLC) is a bonded Tour Operator with the Nevada Consumer Affairs Division (Registration Number 2004-0028) and licensed with the City of Las Vegas (License# T31-00012-C-094179) and State of Nevada (License# 114732). In the event of a valid complaint against our company you may contact the Nevada Consumer Affairs Division and receive a refund from the substantial funds we have provided in our bond without the need for legal recourse. Please see for more information.

2) How many nightclubs do you work with in Las Vegas?

You want to know if you are getting a truly independent and impartial recommendation on which clubs to go to.

Club Viva work with every nightclub in Las Vegas and we are more than happy to offer an impartial view on the best clubs to go to based on your individual requirements.

3) Are you able to obtain no wait, VIP entry at all Vegas nightclubs without us having to pay for bottle service?

The key thing here is to understand how "hooked up" the company actually is rather than be sold on just a few clubs that the company may happen to have contacts at.

Club Viva can obtain VIP Hosted access to every Las Vegas nightclub whether or not you require bottle service.

4) How long has your company been in business and how many guests do you host each month in Las Vegas?

Club Viva is part of the global Wildside Group which has been established since 1994 and has offices in the USA and Europe. Club Viva currently hosts an average of 1000 clients per month in Las Vegas alone. Full details of the other companies within Wildside Group are available here

5) Do you GUARANTEE that we will get what you have promised?

Club Viva stand by our promises, excellent reputation and ability to get the job done. Bottom line is that if we don't get you into the club, you don't pay for that part of your package.


Accept nothing at face value, know who you are dealing with and don't be afraid to ask for references from previous clients or check out the companies track record with the Better Business Bureau & Nevada Consumer Affairs Division.