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Planning the Perfect Party

Regardless of whether you are planning a bachelor/bachelorette party or a get-together for a group of friends the following general advice will ensure the whole process is as painless as possible and the end-result as good as it can be.

If it's you that has been tasked with planning the party then naturally you want to get it right. It is after all, a BIG responsibility. Deliver the goods and the guests will regard you as a superhero. Get it wrong and, well, let's not even go there.

The best single piece of advice we can give you is to use a professional party planning service/VIP Hosting company such as Club Viva. Yes we may be biased but think about it: A team of local professionals with in-depth knowledge of all the best places, key hook-ups, access to discounted rates and experience of hosting literally 1000s of parties is going to be worth their weight in gold when it comes to delivering the best possible Vegas experience.

Remember also that most Las Vegas nightclubs are not so welcoming to big walk-up parties (particularly all-male groups) so your VIP Hosting company is going to open doors that would otherwise remain firmly closed. And those doors by the way lead to the places where you really want to be...

Regardless of whether you choose to go with the professionals or go it alone, before you get sucked into the detail, begin with the basics:

1) Guest List / Group Size

Draw up the list of those to be invited. If it's a bachelor/bachelorette party think carefully about whether it's really a good idea to invite your father/mother in-law and don't be afraid to leave "that guy"/"that girl" at home if they are likely to affect everyone's enjoyment of the event. The key aim at this stage is to get a realistic idea of what the group size is going to be, planning for 20 which then turns out to be 6 (and vice versa) is going to cause all sorts of headaches you don't need.

2) Budget

We can't stress how important it is to agree a realistic budget per person that is going to work for everybody in the group. Set it too high and the drop-outs will be numerous when it actually comes round to them cutting the check, so consider what is most important to you: having all your best friends there or pricing some of them out.

3) Dates

It sounds obvious but choose a date that is going to work for the majority of the group and give everybody plenty of notice. As with all things you can't please all of the people all of the time so you may have to lay down the law if you find yourself going round in circles trying to accommodate everybody's schedules.

Get the above agreed up front and you'll be less likely to have the hassle of a constantly changing group size or wildly differing expectations of what the party is going to entail. So, onto the next step:

4) Decide on the Program of Events

You will no doubt have your own ideas about what the big night out is going to include which may be any combination of the following:


Starting with dinner is always a good idea if for no other reason than ensuring that everyone has their stomach lined before hitting the booze! Club Viva is happy to provide recommendations on restaurants to suit your budget and requirements.


Consider kicking the night off in a lounge or decent bar to be in an environment where the volume is not ear-bleeding and the group can gel and chat comfortably. Club Viva can recommend some excellent venues that also offer spectacular views of Las Vegas.

Gentlemen's Clubs / Entertainers in your Room

Las Vegas has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of adult entertainers but be careful as all are not created equal! We recommend going to a quality gentlemen's club rather than bringing the entertainment to you as the cost is significantly less, the quality better and your choice way more varied. Similar options are available for the ladies too!


Of course Vegas is known for its amazing shows but our suggestion is to leave those for another time. The dynamics don't work so well with group events.


See our Vegas Nightclub Guide or call us TOLL FREE on 1 888 847 5868  for impartial advice on the best clubs to suit your requirements. Consider also whether you want to have a table with bottle service (see Essential Guide #2) and when planning your schedule bear in mind that most Vegas clubs don't get kicking until around 11pm.

After Hours Clubs

Most regular Las Vegas nightclubs wrap up at around 4-5am so if you are looking to extend the party further then a good after hours club is the way to go. These are also covered in our nightclub guide above.

Activities / Attractions

Las Vegas has a great selection of thrill rides and other activities such as shooting & indoor sky-diving but our advice is to keep these for the day-time. Hitting the shots followed by the roller-coaster is inviting a rapid reappearance of your dinner and an embarrassing trip back to the hotel to shower and change. Las Vegas at night is a sight to behold though, so a cruise of The Strip in your limo or even from above in a helicopter can definitely add a touch of magic. Club Viva will be happy to arrange this for you.


You won't want to put your whole night over to gambling and for sure splitting the group up amongst the slots is not the best way to get a good group vibe going. Having your group take over a blackjack, roulette or craps table though for half an hour or so can be great fun and definitely raise the energy level. Remember your drinks are free when you are playing too!


If you are hopping around between venues then it's an absolute must to have your transportation prearranged. On a weekend taxi-lines can be horrendous and having to split your group between vehicles is never ideal. Club Viva can recommend a full choice of transportation options ranging from limousines, party buses and regular coaches through monster limo-buses that can only be described as nightclubs on wheels! Having the right transportation available when you need it and be able to enjoy a drink onboard will keep the party going between venues and add greatly to your enjoyment of the evening.

Remember also that if you are in town for a few days then you don't need to try and cram everything into one night - who's to say the party can't be a 72-hour affair?

5) Arranging Payment

Now that you have your group and your game-plan in place the final thing to do is to organize payment between the guests. Using a professional VIP Hosting company offers the convenience of making a single payment to a single supplier and Club Viva also provides an easy option that allows you to pay cash on the night.

The key thing here is that you don't want to get stuck with paying for everything up-front then be left holding the baby should any of your guests drop out (it happens!). So our best advice is to collect individual payments from guests prior to making your reservation or at the very least get a commitment from each guest that they will honor their share of the cost if they are forced to cancel. And if you do intend to pay cash on the night then be sure to collect it from everybody at the very start of the trip. Vegas is full of temptations designed to part you with your money and you wouldn't believe how many parties get affected because some of the group blew their cash gambling before the party even got started.


1) Do make the effort to actually plan your party and appoint a person to be in charge of the festivities; arriving in town then making it up on the fly is a sure-fire recipe for dismal chaos.

2) Plan well ahead of time to get the best deals and to avoid schedule clashes with your guests.

3) In our experience a program that involves hopping around 2 or 3 different venues makes for a far more memorable experience than spending all night in a single club.

4) If you have a limo pick-up at the start of the evening, arrange for all guests to get together in the hotel bar at least 20-minutes prior. That way you don't lose your limo time if somebody is late getting ready.

5) Ensure that everyone is in dress code (see Essential Guide #3) and has their money and photo-id with them before leaving the hotel.

6) Don't get too hammered before the night even kicks-off! Las Vegas nightlife doesn't get moving until late and being back in bed while everyday else is having the time of their life is just not cool.

7) Don't listen to misinformed opinions. Everybody likes to think they "know Vegas" and will have tales to relay from previous visits. This town changes quickly though and last week's hot-spot is this weeks old news so base your decisions on solid, up-to-the-minute information from those that are genuinely in the know.

8) Have everybody contribute to a drinks kitty to make it easier to pay for drinks when in the clubs and if you are ordering bottle service collect the money from everybody at the time you order.

9) If you are planning to have both your wedding and bachelor/bachelorette party in Las Vegas, schedule at least a one-day "recovery period" before the wedding day. A mammoth hang-over is not going to add to your enjoyment of the biggest day of your life.

10) Don't even think about having the bachelor and bachelorette party together or even meeting up at the same venue. More often that not it leads to unnecessary drama that you really don't need. We've been there. 


Invest some time in planning your big night out, use a professional VIP hosting company for the very best service, ensure everyone is in agreement regarding payment and base your decisions on solid up-to-the-minute information.