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Dress Code at Las Vegas Nightclubs

Dress code at Las Vegas nightclubs is a notoriously inexact science since you are at the mercy of door-staff who all have different individual opinions.

One thing is sure though - nothing is guaranteed to screw up your night more than getting to the front of the line only to be sent back to the hotel to change. Bottom line is there's no point taking a chance, so just follow these simple guidelines to avoid any unnecessary hassle.


Best bet is simply "dress to impress". That means no tennis shoes, sandals, shorts, ripped, scruffy or baggy jeans, sportswear, jerseys, tanks, baseball caps or inappropriate attire.

Jeans are perfectly acceptable at all Las Vegas clubs as long as they are smart; dress pants are not necessary.

For shoes we recommend leather dress shoes as some of the top clubs refuse Diesels and other shoes that are styled like sneakers. Definitely no work boots (including styles such as Timberlands). 

We recommend a collared button down shirt; really nice fashionable T-shirts are sometimes accepted but not worth the risk.

Hats are best avoided unless you have a burning desire to wear one, never a baseball cap though.

As a general guideline we'd suggest that bachelor parties avoid the "Team" outfit for the evening. As well as attracting unnecessary attention from the club staff they also severely restrict your chances with the ladies!


The good news for girls is that dress code is nowhere near as strict as it is for men and you'll no doubt be looking a million dollars for your big night out anyway. The same basic rules still apply though so avoid sneakers, sportswear and caps.

Dress to impress - this is Vegas Baby!